Q: Is Prnsl Clothing a unisex brand?

Yes, our intent is for all people to be able to wear our clothes. 

Q: I have not received my order yet, when will I get it? 

A: Our mission is for you to get your product as fast as possible, we handle your order within just a few days. If you do have any questions about your delivery, contact us at contact@prnslclothing.se

Q: How do I return my product?

A: To make a return please contact us at contact@prnslclothing.se

Q: Where are your products made?

A: We take a great pride in how all our products are produced and made in Europe, were we manufacture our collections in Portugal. 

Q: Do you ship outside of Sweden?

A: Yes, we do ship outside of Sweden. However an extra shipping fee may be added to your order depending on which country the products will be shipped to. You as a customer are responsible for any additional customs.  

If you did not find the answers you were looking for, please send an e-mail to contact@prsnlclothing.se